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About Us!


Century Pools Ltd was established in 1991.  Our objective is to deliver professional services for swimming pools in the way of design, construction as well as routine services and maintenance.

We have constructed hundreds of swimming pools in Hong Kong.  And we provide routine services and maintenance for these pools. Besides, we distribute full range of swimming pool products ranging from pool deck tiles to filtration equipment, also pool side furniture as well.

We employ over 90 staff in the area of Hong Kong.  At Century Pools, we certainly do have a way with water, whether we are planning formal Roman-style fountains, or are letting our creativity have full rein in producing exciting swimming pools.

My Dreams!

Don't we all have our dreams. Maybe yours is to see yourself lounging byswimming pool of a five-star hotel. The sun warming your skin even as it glistens on the water, palms nodding in the background, a long, cool drink at your elbow..... total relaxation, not a care in the world......


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