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Antislip Technology

Reviglass has developed and patented an antislip technology, with which we are able to provide an antiskid finish to our glass mosaics, without losing the soft and silky touch of our tiles. This way, the use of antislip technology in our mosaics allow us to offer the ideal solution for areas with slippery risk, like access to the swimming-pools, wellness centers, dressing rooms floors, showers, kids’ pools, low depth pools, spas…


Advantages of the Reviglass Antislip Technology

  • Non-abrasive

  • Silky to touch

  • Simple grouting

  • Easy maintenance and simple cleaning

Also available for customized products
Antislip Certificates – Recognised quality

Reviglass has obtained the most prestigious certificates of the sector that confirm the high quality of its products.
Slip Resistance DIN 51130
AntiSlip DIN 51097-1992
AntiSlip UNE-ENV 12633-2003


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