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Design & Construction

We design features which will enliven your pool, making highly individual creation, expressive of your own ideas and tastes.

The Size and Shape of your pool need not necessarily be dictated by the shape of your garden. You can design a zig-zag shape, or a heart shape, or anything else that takes you fancy.

How many different shapes can a swimming pool take? We haven't found the answer yet - but we keep on trying.

Small details make the difference! See how our imaginative designs ~ contrasting lights and shapes and the sound of the splashing water, all add up to soothing aesthetic satisfaction!

Pool Maintenance

Everyone wishes their swimming pool in good condition. We provide a professional routine pool service.......


Choose from our pool products......

My dream1

My Dreams!

Don't we all have our dreams. Maybe yours is to see yourself lounging by swimming pool of a five-star hotel. The sun warming your skin even as it glistens on the water, palms nodding in the background, a long, cool drink at your elbow..... total relaxation, not a care in the world!

With a little help from Century Pools your dream could become reality - a pool in your own garden (we could even manage the nodding palms!) We have put together a team of experts, all of whom have had more than ten years, experience in the installation of swimming pools in Hong Kong. We are at your service for free consultation and advice on the maximum use that can be made of the space that you have available. Why not give us a ring today? We shall be happy to help you block out a design. We can make you a quotation which will probably be a lot lower than you could have reasonably expected.

If you are worried about the trauma that building a pool in your garden might entail, set your mind at ease. Modern technology allows us to excavate and construct your pool with a minimum of disturbance to your house and to your way of life. From the day we begin excavation to the joyful day of your first swim in your new pool, the time factor involved will not be much more than one month.

In addition to the fun that your pool will provide for you and for your family, the pool will also be a form of sound investment. Your property is certain to be enhanced by beautiful, new landscaping, bringing with it a feeling of open spaces and a truly relaxed environment.

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