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HeatWave SuperQuiet® 

The only heat pump that allows you to maximize the potential savings of a variable speed pump is an AquaCal®, which utilizes our patented 
ThermoLink® Heat Exchanger technology with its unique flow characteristics.


  • Patented hydraulic design adds only 2 PSI at 45 gpm, increasing compatibility with two-speed & variable speed pumps

  • Saves money when using a variable speed pump by reducing the RPM needed to achieve the same flow rate

  • Save money in a single speed pump application by reducing the run time needed to achieve the same turnover rate of the pool

Corrosion Proof Cabinet  

  • Louvered side panels protect evaporator coil while ensuring efficient air flow

  • Rust and fade proof

  • Impact resistant

  • Built-in drain pan provides condensate management


  • Unique Air Flow Vectoring Top ensures optimal air flow for maximum efficiency

  • World’s ONLY integrated top that protects internal components and prevents debris like leaves and other vegetation from getting inside the heat pump, rotting and becoming acidic

  • Protection provided by the AquaTop allows for an extended 10 year warranty on the evaporator coil

Microprocessor Controlled  with Digital Display

  • Weather protected control with full text display provides easy-to-read menu options and unit status

  • Ability to connect to most external controllers for heating and cooling mode

  • Hybrid functionality can initiate a gas heater when an extra boost of heat is needed

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